Application for Responsible Test

This application is for vendors to become pre-approved to bid on specific JEA Construction Projects.

Please complete a separate application for each RBL category for which you are applying. This form must be used to provide responses, although you are permitted to attach additional documentation if needed to provide the complete, requested information. Where attachments are used, please so indicate.

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WP-1 Pump station(Class 111 or 1V) installation, construction, maintenance & repair

  • Successful completion of new construction or rehabilitation of at least two (2) Triplex or Quad Plex Wastewater Pumping stations exceeding 1.5mgd firm pumping capacity in accordance with JEA Water and Wastewater Standards Manual, Section 433, Section 111.6 for class 111 and class 1V stations, with a minimum total construction value of $500,000 each project.
  • All projects must have been completed within the last five (5) calendar years from the date of submission
  • Contractor has a valid Florida Certified Contractor license

WP- 2 Water & Sewer Plant Systems Installation, Construction, Maintenance & Repair

Three(3) successfully completed projects within the last five (5) years meeting the following:

  • Construction relating to a new installation, upgrade, expansion or maintenance & repair of a water treatment plant or wastewater treatment plant
  • Cost of each project > $1,000,000.00
  • Contractor has a valid Florida Certified General Contractor's license

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How many years has your organization been in business under its present name?

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