CSX Workplace Charging Case Study

CSX and the City of Jacksonville have partnered together to offer workplace electric vehicle (EV) charging for CSX downtown employees and other EV drivers who park in the Water Street parking garage in Downtown Jacksonville. CSX installed two Level 2 charging stations in the garage allowing up to four cars to charge at one time. The chargers are available to all CSX employees and the public while the garage is open.

CSX is an advocate of driving electric and as an additional benefit subsidizes 75% of the parking costs for its employees who drive  green vehicle*. The cost of parking dropped from about $40 per month to $10 for those employees who drive green. 

Working together to get charged

CSX Employees with Workplace EV ChargerWhen CSX and the City announced the addition of EV Charging Stations to the Water Street garage, there were only two electric vehicles that parked in the garage on a daily basis. That number has now grown to six EVs with eight parking spots designated as EV-only.

The six EV drivers have established a workplace charging community. They routinely communicate by group text message to coordinate the use of the chargers. Like most other EV drivers using workplace charging, these drivers work together to accommodate everyone’s charging needs. The drivers of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles allow the all-electric vehicles to get their charge first to ensure they have the range to get where they need to go. Once a vehicle is fully charged, they communicate through text to get the next vehicle lugged in.

The drivers will soon be adding a message board to the charging area so they can communicate about any news relating to the charging equipment, etiquette, and a person to contact if someone is interested in joining the weekly charging rotation.

What does workplace charging mean to employees?

"Peace of mind to perform the daily tasks of life," said Grace VanHouten, owner of the all-electric Nissan Leaf. She mentioned that with workplace charging, “I am able to run errands around town, go to medical appointments on a lunch break and still have enough range to make it home in the evening.”

"Passing by the gas pump," said Kevin Albano of CSX who owns a Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid vehicle. The Ford Fusion gets about 20 miles on the battery before it switches to gas. According to Kevin, “I commute 14 miles a day to work so with the workplace charging I never use gas during a normal work week.”

Why should employers consider workplace charging?

All of the EV drivers we spoke to agreed that workplace charging is simply an added benefit employers can offer. They believe workplace charging allows them to drive the car they want to drive and drive it where they need to go without ever having to worry about range anxiety.

  • Grace feels that employers should provide workplace charging as a perk. Workplace charging provides a nice low-cost perk. Kevin addressed the benefit of promoting any workplace charging available during the onboarding process of new employees. This could serve to possibly influence the next vehicle purchase by that employee as it did for his Ford Fusion Energi.
  • For Joel Relova of CSX, workplace charging promotes his passion for driving electric. Joel has been instrumental in securing the CSX chargers as well as providing leadership for events that increase the community awareness of electric vehicles.

JEA and workplace charging

JEA also has implemented workplace charging for its employees by installing four Level 2 charging stations at its downtown location. Employees can set up a payroll deduction to be a part of the JEA EV charging program. Once set up in the program, employees are able to charge at any time.

JEA is also a partner of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Workplace Charging Challenge. As a member, JEA is helping to expand our community’s EV charging infrastructure while offering a valuable benefit for our employees.

As more employers participate in workplace charging, more people will become aware of the he convenience of owning and driving an EV, which will help to increase EV adoption.

Questions about workplace charging?

Contact us at electricdrive@jea.com.

CSX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries based in Jacksonville, Fla., is one of the nation’s leading transportation suppliers. The company’s rail and intermodal businesses provide rail-based transportation services including traditional rail service and the transport of intermodal containers and trailers.

*Green vehicle: Defined as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric.