The Power of One

Spirit of Innovation

Our one purpose is to improve lives through ongoing innovation.

We are creating smart solutions that will ready us for future energy needs, protect our infrastructure, keep our air clean and preserve our precious water supply. From smart sensors that monitor our energy and water lines to our 20-plus year commitment to solar energy and expansion of solar capacity, our culture of innovation will keep rates stable for today and tomorrow.

Passion for Serving Our Community

Our one passion to serve is reflected in our commitment to protect, preserve and promote the quality of life in our community.

We are improving our local economy by creating jobs and working with businesses to expand and thrive. We provide peace of mind to the most vulnerable members of our community ... and inspiration to the youngest. We preserve our environment by lowering nitrogen discharges into the St. Johns River, so we can all enjoy it safely.

Pledge to Be There When You Need Us

Our one pledge to focus on customer support means we’re there when, where and how you need us.

We are providing customer support solutions to keep you safe and informed about your utility service. Our tools give you control and flexibility when paying your bill. We also let you know when outages happen and when services will be restored. Whether online, on the phone or in person, our teams will be there for you and your family.