School Performances

JEA's unique and engaging school performances are a great way to help shake things up in your classroom and teach your students about efficiency and conservation. Our school performances are offered as a free resource to area schools through a partnership with Tree Hill Nature Center. 

The content of our performances coincides with the Science Curriculum covered in the Florida Common Core Standards, so you can feel confident your students are gaining the knowledge and skills in your lesson plans, while having fun doing so! A 10’ x 10’ space is needed for the performance, which can be held in large school auditoriums or individual classrooms. Only two performances per school visit, please.

Contact Tree Hill Nature Center to bring any of these free programs to your school.

3rd Through 5th Grade Performances

In “The Search for a Better Light,” JEA’s own lovable alien, ReDuce, visits from the planet GoGreen in search of a better light and better way of life. He’s come to Earth to find out more about conservation and efficiency and he is ready to make a special trip to your school to share tips and explain why conservation is so important.  

6th Through 8th Grade Performances

In “You Can’t Beat That,” Jamal has come from the islands to share his knowledge about water and electricity conservation. The performance contains a hip hop sing-along and followed by a game show competition that engages student participation. 

Energy and Water Detective Programs

The Energy Detective Program is a 45-minute live presentation that helps 3rd through 7th graders learn what energy is and where it comes from. They discover ways to conserve energy at home and at school, and it allows students to experiment with multiple energy-saving products.

The Water Detective Program is a 45-minute presentation that helps students learn about the sources and uses of water. They discover ways to conserve water at home and at school, and it allows students to experiment with water sources and properties.

More Educational Resources From JEA

JEA Power Pals

In this 4-week program, first grade students learn about electric safety through fun, interactive activities. JEA employees join students in their classrooms, explaining good safety practices and how to spot dangers that may be inside or outside their homes. JEA also offers a one-hour Power Pals program that can easily fit into your busy day or an after-school program.
Learn more about JEA Power Pals

JEA at the MOSH

Head to Jacksonville's Museum of Science and History for a fun-filled day of learning! Our indoor, interactive electricity exhibit, JEA Power Play, and our outdoor, Florida-friendly landscaping exhibit are sure to keep your little curious ones busy. Be sure to also check the schedule for Extreme Science! in the JEA Science Theater.
Learn more about JEA at the MOSH