False Claim Scams

Keep reading to learn about the latest scam tactics:

Grocery Reimbursement Scam

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, it has come to our attention that scam artists are already trying to take advantage of customers who have already incurred damages to their homes. If you are emailed a link, or see one floating around social media, advertising money to reimburse groceries lost due to power outages during a storm, do not click on it.

JEA is not responsible for loss of food during power outages caused by weather-related conditions such as lightning, storms, heat, cold or other acts of nature. You also have a responsibility to protect yourself and your property, such as obtaining ice to prevent food spoilage.
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Federal Routing Number Scam

Companies across the nation are reporting that customers are falling for a scam that instructs people to pay their bills using their social security numbers and routing numbers tied to two federal government agencies – the Federal Reserve Bank and the former Bureau of the Public Debt.

Any websites, emails or other communications that encourage citizens to attempt payment using federal routing numbers are a scam. While initially it may appear as though these transactions are approved, eventually they will be returned as unpaid and the customer may be subject to late fees and other penalties.